Ironing instructions

Do not use an ironing board, but rather a stable, heat-resistant surface.
(Tiles, granite or other heat-absorbing surfaces are not suitable)
The iron must have manual temperature control!
Travel irons or similar irons are generally not suitable.
Please remove any remaining water from the iron before ironing
turn off the steam function.
Let's go:
Heat the iron to 160° Celsius.
This roughly corresponds to the “Cotton” setting.
Lay out a cloth on the surface you want to iron on.
Place the textile that is to be printed on it. Pre-iron the textile
so that any residual moisture can escape.
Now place the iron-on transfer with the carrier film facing up on the spot,
of the fabric you want to print.
Now place a piece of baking paper on the ironing image.
Now press the iron with FIRM pressure and WITHOUT ironing movements
for approx. 15-20 seconds on the ironing image.
(For larger motifs, repeat this process with short cooling phases,
between prints until all areas of the design have been ironed)
When you have completely ironed the iron-on image on, give it a quick pull
Cooling time, carefully remove the carrier film. Should the print or parts of the print
does not stick to the textile, repeat the printing process,
It may be necessary to press with more pressure and/or heat.
Make sure your iron is at the required temperature
of 160° Celsius really achieved!
To be on the safe side, you can apply the iron-on image from the left side
Iron the back of the fabric again.
For multi-colored iron-on motifs, the printing process must be carried out for each color
repeated individually and the carrier film between ironing processes
removed, please always place baking paper between them
the ironing image and the iron. Depending on the washing instructions for the textile, the iron-on transfer can now be washed at 60° Celsius.
Please use a color or mild detergent and turn the textile
inside out before washing.
Do you have PROBLEMS
when ironing or asking questions,
Please contact us!
We are happy to HELP !