Shipping costs


We take flat shipping costs regardless of how much was ordered.


  •  Easy shipping with Shipment ID : 3,49 Euro
  • Trackable shipping with Tracking ID : 12,99 Euro

In the shopping cart the value is converted accordingly.


The shipping costs are a lump sum. It includes packaging materials and postage.

We cannot make deliveries to packing stations by sending letters. If you should indicate these nevertheless, we do not take over adhesion.


What is Shipment ID:

The Shipment ID only declares that the shipment was made. Freight tracking is not possible.

Tracking ID:

The shipment is documented here. You can track exactly where your shipment is at the moment.


Delivery times within Sweden are usually 1-4 working days.

Within Europe 4-16 working days. ( Depending on the deliverer of the respective country ) We take over the shipping details from Post Nord.


The delivery times have nothing to do with the production times.

We reserve ourselves a production time of up to 7 working days, depending upon size of the respective order - with longer production times the customer is informed in the apron. This can occur with large order quantities. Normally the order will be shipped within max. 3 working days.

The dispatch takes place from Monday to Friday by the post office north.

We do not calculate public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays for shipping times.

Our "shipping costs" are flat rate costs. They include postage as well as packing costs and are thus calculated incl. Moms / VAT.

Please keep in mind that we do not deliver on time.




Complaints are please within the first day after receipt / delivery of the goods to us to address.

Please send us a photo so that we can understand what exactly went wrong.

To the complaints belong wrongly delivered colors and/or motives. Please do not complain about the small bird which should be enclosed as a so-called sample iron. However, there is also no reason for complaint should the so-called sample iron be missing - this is only considered as an addition and is not part of the delivery contract.

If you do not specify any colours, especially for the former Dawanda sales platform, we will determine the colours at our own discretion. As a rule, the one shown on the article picture will be delivered. Should you then not be satisfied with the choice of colour, this is not a reason for complaint.

We do not accept delivery times as a reason for complaint. These are so-called estimated values of the sender, which we take over, these can be different depending upon country and delivery enterprise.

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