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Reflective iron-on set acorn with 6 acorns

Reflective iron-on set acorn with 6 acorns

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Reflective iron-on set acorn with 6 acorns
Each acorn can be ironed on individually.
(The double acorn only together)

The set consists of 5 acorns in the following sizes:
1x 2x3.5cm
2x 3x4.5cm
1x 4 x 6 cm (= 2 acorns)
1x 6.5x10cm

The iron-on image uses a high-quality retroreflective, silver-colored film that is ideal for the visibility of jackets, bags, trousers, etc. in traffic during the dark season. The reflective prints have excellent light-reflecting properties that are retained even after ironing and washing (at 60°C / inside out).

The following materials are suitable for ironing on the iron-on image:
♥ Cotton
♥ Blended fabric made of polyester & cotton
♥ Blended fabric made of polyester & acrylic
♥ Felt
♥ heat-resistant natural materials
Nylon fabrics and fabrics with a silicone or water-repellent
Impregnation is not suitable.

The delivery includes detailed ironing instructions that explain in simple steps how to apply the iron-on image using a standard iron. Please do not use travel irons or similar, as these usually do not reach the required temperature of 160° Celsius. A sample iron-on image is also included.

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