In preparation:

To iron on, please use a straight, smooth and stable surface with a secure footing. Important : Do not use an ironing board.

When ironing, heat up to approx. 160 degrees. This corresponds approximately just below the display "Cotton".  If you are unsure, set it just above level 2. If you think the temperature is not sufficient, you can slowly increase it.

It is best to lay out a cloth / towel as a base. Switch off the steam when ironing - even better, let all the water out of your steam iron. The steam will damage the print backing, making it unusable.

Now you are ready to go:

  • Please pre-iron the area you want to apply so that the residual moisture can escape from the fabric.
  • Place the iron on the fabric with the carrier foil facing up.
  • Place a piece of baking paper over the ironing picture. 
  • Now press the iron with firm pressure and without any movements evenly for approx. 15 seconds on the iron.  (If the iron is larger than the ironing surface of your iron, please repeat this procedure until you have pressed all parts of the ironing pattern. Take a short cooling break between the individual pressing processes, so that the pressure is not damaged by too much heat.)
  • When you have completely pressed on the print, carefully remove the backing film after a short cooling time. If you notice that the pressure does not hold on to the fabric, repeat the pressing process.
  • After the carrier foil is off, you can fix the ironing pattern by pressing it again from the left.

Important note:

Depending on the washing regulations of the garment or the fabric and if used correctly, our iron-on ironers can now be washed up to a maximum of 60 degrees.

(Reflex prints and neon colours are excluded. These may only be washed up to 30 degrees.)

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