Do not use an ironing board, but a sturdy, heat-resistant surface. (Granite or similar stone slabs are also not suitable).

The iron must have a manual temperature control, steam ironing stations are usually not suitable.

Please remove the residual water from the iron before ironing and turn off the steam function.

Let's go:

Heat the iron to 160° Celsius. (this corresponds approximately to the "Cotton" setting or level 2).

Lay out a cloth on the surface on which you want to iron. Place the textile to be printed on it.

Pre-iron the textile so that any residual moisture can escape.

Now place the iron-on image with the backing film facing upwards on the area of the fabric that you want to print. Now place a piece of baking paper on the iron-on picture.

Now press the iron with FIRM pressure and WITHOUT ironing movements for about 15-20 seconds on the iron-on picture. (For larger motifs, repeat this process with short cooling phases, between presses, until all areas of the motif have been ironed).

When you have completely ironed on the iron-on image, after a short cooling period, carefully peel off the backing film. If the print or parts of the print do not adhere to the textile, repeat the printing process. (if necessary, press with more pressure or/and heat).

For "safety" you can re-iron the iron-on image from the left side (back of the fabric).

For multicolor iron-on picture motifs, the printing process must be repeated individually for each color, please always place a baking paper between the iron-on picture and the iron.

Depending on the washing instructions of the textile, the iron-on picture is now washable at 60° Celsius. Please use a color or mild detergent and turn the textile inside out before washing.

Do you have problem with ironing or questions, please contact us.

We are very happy to help and are always at your side with advice and support!